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Вышел: 2011
Режиссер: Тидзуру Мияваки, Ёити Фудзита, Синдзи Такамацу
Страна: Япония
Время: 25 мин.
Озвучка: JAM
Формат: mp4 и 3gp
Актеры:Томокадзу Сугита, Дайсукэ Сакагути, Риэ Кугимия, Кадзуя Накаи, Кэнъити Судзумура, Акира Исида
Статус: сериал отменен или закончен
Команда Гинтоки Сакато, которая вместе выглядит достаточно необычно, готова взяться за любое дело, если за это им заплатят хотя бы небольшую сумму денег.

В состав их команды, помимо самоуверенного Гинтоки, входят также скромный Симпати, невероятной красоты Кагура и её любимый пес Садахару, который своими размерами больше напоминает бегемота, нежели собаку.

Вместе эта странная команда готова на многое, в том числе и противостоять пришельцам, захватившим их родные земли и запретившим любое оружие. Боевые искусства помогут команде справляться с любыми задачами, но так ли все просто, как кажется на первый взгляд?
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Гинтама 2006
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  • 50: Life and Games are filled with bugs., 28.03.2008
  • 49: Games should be played one hour once a day., 21.03.2008
  • 48: When talking about your exploits exaggerate by a third so everyone has fun/Guys can't resist girls who work in flower shops and cake shops., 14.03.2008
  • 47: If you're a man, don't give up., 7.03.2008
  • 46: Men, be at MADAO, 29.02.2008
  • 45: When riding a train, always put both hands on the handle., 22.02.2008
  • 44: Even a hero has issues, 15.02.2008
  • 43: Be someone who can find people's merits, not their flaws., 8.02.2008
  • 42: If you wanna get skinny, move! Don't eat!, 1.02.2008
  • 41: As delicious as the food is, it's scary when you get food poisoning., 25.01.2008
  • 40: There will be a third time for things that have happened twice., 18.01.2008
  • 39: Gokon's funniest part is before it starts., 4.01.2008
  • 38: Women who say "Work or me, which one is important?", give them a German Suplex, 28.12.2007
  • 37: You concentrate on counting sheep and you actually can't sleep., 21.12.2007
  • 36: A hard boiled egg won't get crushed., 14.12.2007
  • 35: Hard boiled egg on a man's heart., 7.12.2007
  • 34: Rank has nothing to do with luck., 30.11.2007
  • 33: By repeatedly saying "cute", you start to believe that you're cute/We don't go in line for the sake of ramen, we line up for self satisfaction, 16.11.2007
  • 32: A woman's best make up is her smile., 9.11.2007
  • 31: When a person who wears glasses suddenly takes them off, it feels like something is missing, as if a part of the person is missing., 2.11.2007
  • 30: If there's four people, it is a lot of knowledge., 26.10.2007
  • 29: A person who's picky with food is also picky with humans., 19.10.2007
  • 28: Yesterday's enemy is somehow today's enemy as well., 12.10.2007
  • 27: If that's the case, just be quiet and red rice., 5.10.2007
  • 26: "Complain about your job outside of your house, not inside!", 28.09.2007
  • 25: The manga writer is actually pro, after you've done stocks of manuscript., 21.09.2007
  • 24: Do Matsutake Mushrooms taste that good? Think it over carefully once., 14.09.2007
  • 23: A dog's paw smells aromatic/Go with Might Happen Drive, 7.09.2007
  • 22: There is data that can't be erased., 31.08.2007
  • 21: Even cute things are creepy where there's a lot of them., 24.08.2007
  • 20: Please help by separating your trash., 17.08.2007
  • 19: There's nothing but apparitions when crossing worlds., 10.08.2007
  • 18: To keep running is life/Minami-chan is the dream girl after all., 3.08.2007
  • 17: Dumplings over flowers., 27.07.2007
  • 16: Boys learn the values of life through beetles., 20.07.2007
  • 15: Maibou actually fills you up., 13.07.2007
  • 14: JUMP's next preview is useless., 6.07.2007
  • 13: To catch the mummy, become the mummy., 29.06.2007
  • 12: Bugs gather around the lights on moonless nights., 22.06.2007
  • 11: The sun will rise again., 15.06.2007
  • 10: Be careful of forgetting your umbrella because you weren't paying attention., 8.06.2007
  • 9: Croquette bread is the most popular at the shop after all., 31.05.2007
  • 8: If you are looking for something, remember what you did on the day you last saw it., 25.05.2007
  • 7: Be careful with one-day-commanders., 18.05.2007
  • 6: Don't make any chewing noises while you are eating., 18.05.2007
  • 5: Almost every mother is the same., 4.05.2007
  • 4: Stress can lead to baldness, but if you try not to be stressed then that will make you stressed, so there's nothing we can do., 27.04.2007
  • 3: Make appointments before meeting someone., 20.04.2007
  • 2: Give milk to babies at room temperature., 13.04.2007
  • 1: Spread the fighting spirit, it's critical!, 6.04.2007
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